Let's try to figure that out with one use case, taken as an example

Imagine we have a Project. And each time we start a new Project, we have a set of repetitive Tasks, that has to be done.

So, to create a new Landing Page, you have always to:

  • Design it

  • Prepare Copy

  • Create Layout

  • Review

There can also be some unique tasks that are different from Project to Project, but we will add them manually if needed. So, it's out of our focus now.

As an example, I'll take our Project Management Template.

  1. Set Lists of Tasks to be generated

Automations will help us here.

At first, let's navigate to the Automations Tab on the Project Level

The trigger will be extremely simple here:

Note: Trigger = when the Tasks will be generated. When a new Project is Created? When it goes from the "Icebox" state to the "In Progress"? When Dates are set? When a responsible person is assigned? That's up to you 💪

Now let's set some Tasks, that has to appear

Tadaaah! That's it :)

2. Set different Templates for Different kinds of Projects

And now let's imagine, that you have different kind of Projects. Let's say, we have Landings, Websites, and Brand books. And for different kind of Projects you have different Templates.

Then we need to be able to identify which of Projects we're working on.

This can be done by adding Single-select Field (Project Type), or a separate Database (Project Type)

I would recommend create a separate Database, as it will work in the future for some nice things (like Smart Folders & Hierarchical Lists)

So, we need to create a Project Type Database and connect it with a Project like this:

If you want to know more about how Databases & Relations work, check this video.

And now we need to improve a bit our previous Automation set.

So, the Trigger will be changed.

Now we need not to identify whether the Project was created, but to understand, which Type of Project was set.

So, at first we will create a template for Landing Projects.

And for another kind of Projects, we will create another set of Tasks

And this is how it works now

3. More complicated but ready-to-go.

Hey, we have a read-to-go template that is already set up, but it has a bit more complicated structure and doesn't use Automations at all....

So, if you're curious enough and want to start new initiatives with less of a hassle - install this template and enjoy

4. Have more questions? Your case is not covered?

Please, let us know in the Intercom and we will do our best to help you 💖

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