This workaround uses our custom notifications, but first, we need to preparation

  1. Create Follower's field
    At first, set a m2m relation between Database, that has to be followed and Fibery User.

Great! 💪

Now if any of your teammates, want to follow a card, he just simply has to put his name here

2. Set custom Notifications for Followers.

Here you can read more about how such notifications work, but let's create the one we want together

Note: only Admins can set Automation rules.

Open the Database you're working with (Task in our case) and click on the Automation button

And here is what our Notification looks like!

Hopefully, someday that will be enough just to click one button to achieve that1 🤞

If there is smth missing for you in this workaround (except your priceless time!) please feel free to ping us in Intercom - we would be glad to help 💖

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