Now you have a private space in Fibery where you can keep some secrets. New My Space section is visible to you only and hidden even from admins. You can put your Documents, Whiteboards and Views here and do whatever you want with them.

Here are several useful cases:

  • Start and store unfinished documents in My Space section and move them into some public space later when you are ready to share them.

  • Create several Views that you need and don’t touch other parts of left menu at all.

  • Experiment with Views safely.

What if:

  • User is deleted → My Space is deleted as well

  • User is deactivated → Nothing happens.

  • Workspace is Exported/Imported → My Space is ignored

  • You mention someone in My Space → No notifications are received

Future improvements:

  • Folders

  • Search

  • Sharing

  • History Tracking

  • Web Publishing

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