Add your Airtable account

  1. Click Integrate Type in the app desired to be extended with Airtable

  2. Select Airtable App

  3. Fill the form of Airtable Account and click “Connect”


Configure record links and change field types

The source configuration screen is shown after adding an Airtable account. Field types are detected automatically, but record links (references to records from others tables) are not detected. So you can provide links and make field types corrections on this step or it can be done later by editing integration settings.


Click Sync Now to start synchronisation.
Check the data after sync and make corrections by editing the source configuration.


Configure Name field

You may need to configure the “Name” field in case if synced Airtable’s table doesn’t have it.
By default, the record id is used as a name, but it can be changed. Find below.


NOTE: A new account should be added if you would like to sync one more table or your Airtable’s table set is changed. We know that it is not very user-friendly, but we still are waiting for Airtable API to be opened for us to simplify the whole flow.

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