Cmd + K — open quick search console to find and create entities

Table View

Press Shift and use keyboard arrows to select many cells

Shift + Enter — create a new entity quickly

Space — open an entity if any cell in this row is selected

Option + click — open any related entity

Rich Text / Document

Select text and use:

  • Cmd + E to create a new entity from this text.

  • Cmd + L to link this text to some entity (bi-directional link in Fibery).

  • Cmd + K to create an URL link

  • Cmd + B to make text bold

  • Cmd + I to make text italic

  • Cmd + Shift + S to make text strikethrough

Documents in Fibery supports markdown syntax, so you can use markdown to format text as well:

# Heading level 1

## Heading level 2

### Heading level 3

#### Heading level 4

This is **bold text**

This is _italic_

This is `code`

Type [] to create a checklist item.

To create a blockquote, add a > in front of a paragraph. You can nest blockquotes.

To create an ordered list, add line items with numbers followed by periods. To indent the list use Tab.

To create an unordered list, add dashes (-), asterisks (*), or plus signs (+) in front of line items. Indent one or more items to create a nested list.

Type ``` to create a code block. Use Shift + Enter to exit the code block.


There are many keyboard shortcuts on a Whiteboard. You can see them all by clicking ... and Keyboard shortcuts

Here are there for the reference as well:

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