Sometimes there is a need to provide dynamic values for the button's actions. Here are several cases.


You can configure almost any control to ask users values after a button click.

  1. Open Button configuration

  2. Click the options menu '…' near control you would like to be fulfilled with value after button clicked

  3. Select the option "Ask User". You may select this option for several controls. The popup will be shown to provide values for all controls configured in this way


Select entities and click the button. A popup will be shown. Provide values and click Run. The user provided values will be applied to your entities.

Use Case: Batch close tasks and send notification to assignees


Find the configuration of a button below

User Dialog

The following popup will be shown when a user clicks the button.

Use Case: Batch change of several task fields


You may configure the button to update several fields in case you change the same things in multiple entities.

User Dialog

Only provided values will be applied. In other words, if you want to change only assignees and state, then select values for these fields. The projects field is not changed if the value is not selected by user.

We hope you will invent very clever actions and save time of your teammates!

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