Sometimes there is a need to create an entity or perform a repeating set of actions from time to time. The possibility to execute rules on schedule is available now. Please find below a quick guide on how to add recurring rules and several use cases describing when scheduled tasks can be useful.

How to add recurring rules in Fibery

To start configuring scheduled rules proceed with the following steps

  1. Open Database editor

  2. Click "Automations"

  3. Click "Add Rule"

  4. Select "On Schedule" trigger type in the When section

  5. Configure schedule of the rule execution

  6. Provide filters of you are going to apply actions for existing entities

  7. Configure actions

Find use cases of using recurring tasks below

Notify team about daily meeting

Scheduled rules can be used for notifying team members about important events. This example shows how to notify your teammates about the daily meetings every workday at 13:00 using the "Notify Users" action.

Create release with two iterations every four weeks

The example shows how to automatically create a release with two iterations every four weeks.

Create a job for marking done stories as archived

Let's make a scheduled task executed hourly to mark completed stories as archived.

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