We are happy to announce the possibility to integrate your email with Fibery over IMAP. Please find below the short guide on how to configure it. Usage scenarios are described as well.

Setup Account

Click the "Integrate type" option of the app editor and select "Email" in a list of available integration apps. You will be asked to provide your Username (email) and App password for Gmail. This option is pretty simple, just follow the links to the Google instructions for how to generate a Gmail app password and how to enable IMAP access in Gmail .

The setup of a standard IMAP account can be a little more complex for services other than Gmail since you will need to provide more settings. Please verify that IMAP is enabled for your mail provider before connecting it with Fibery.

The necessary IMAP settings are available from your email provider. Find IMAP settings for some common services below

Synchronize your Inbox with Fibery

The source configuration form will be shown after account setup. Messages (including attachments) and Contacts types will be created and synchronized with your inbox. You may configure the start date of synchronization to avoid downloading old messages. The default setting is to retrieve messages starting from a year ago.

Please note: It takes time to download messages and attachments. So be ready to wait for 10-20 minutes or more for huge inboxes.

Create a bug from received email

There are huge possibilities to automate things in your flow by using email integration in combination with automation rules. Let's assume that your customer sends bug reports to your dedicated email address. Please find below an example of creating an issue from a received email if the subject contains special words.

1. Add relation to Bug for Message Type

2. Create an automation rule to create a bug when a message with the "Issue" keyword in the subject received

Send notification when the server is down

Let's assume a mail message is sent to a dedicated email address when the server is down. It may be handy to send a notification (internal, Slack, or email) to the relevant team members so that they can react to this incident.

Automatically attach email messages to the user

Let's assume that you have a user or member type (HR, Intercom, Trello, or some other app). Sometimes it can handy to unite all the relevant information. See below for how to configure the GitLab member type to include all emails sent by this person to the configured inbox.

  1. Connect the email inbox to Fibery as shown above

  2. Open user or member type editor and create an automatic relation to messages using matching on the email address field.

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments.

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