Formulas can make Buttons more powerful.

To add a formula, do the following:

  1. Select an action

  2. Select a field you would like to change

  3. Switch input into the formula mode by clicking f icon at the right of the control

  4. Enter calculation.

    NOTE: You may reference clicked entity with [Step 1 Entity]. For example, Feature can be referenced as [Step 1 Feature]

USE CASE: Automation of sync fields for related entities

Sometimes there is a need to set the same value for fields of related Databases. Let's imagine you have a feature with user stories and there is a Product Area field defined for feature and user story. You would like to synchronize the value of the Product Area for all stories assigned to a feature. This is how it can be accomplished below.

USE CASE: Add related entity

You may use formulas to create a related entity and set some calculated values to some fields. Here we create a Bug for the Request and this Bug has the same Name as the Request.

USE CASE: Change existing number, date, or text

You may change existing primitive values as well. For example, create a Button that doubles the Task effort and adds a week to the Due Date (developers will love it).

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