Audit Log contains all changes of all entities visible to you:

  • For Admin it shows just everything: all changes of all entities of all users.

  • For Member it shows changes of entities that are visible to this member.

Click on the left top menu and find the Audit Log link. Audit Log is a table that shows affected entities, events and what was changed:

You should use Filters to focus on specific things. Typical questions you might ask are:

What Michael changed last week?

In Who filter we should select the exact user (Michael) and in When filter we should select the required period.

Who added new fields to Purchase Database?

We want to see scheme changes and there is a special filter for that: Schema Change. Event is added, to see only added fields. And Entity Database filter is set to the exact Database.

Who deleted several Features recently?

Here we set Event to deleted and Who to "is User" (this filter ignores Fibery automation and integration services and focuses on changes made by real people only).

As you see, filters are very flexible and you can focus on what you need.

You can also open entities by clicking an entity name.

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