Sometimes data is hierarchical, for example, Project → Tasks, Feature → Story → Task, etc. The best way to see such data is a Hierarchical List View.

To add a new List, click the [+] button near the Space name:

When you add a List, you should select a top-level first, and then add sub-levels using the "+" button in the right:

You can add as many levels as you need. For example, here we have four levels: Product Area → Feature → User Story → Bug:

You can Filter, Sort, and Color Code each level independently. For example, we want to hide all Done Objectives:

You can drag and drop items to change rank (Note it only works without custom Sort).

You can quickly add new items using the [+] button on the right. It's handy to quickly create a hierarchical product Backlog, for example:

Deep hierarchies of self-referenced entities are also supported. For example, you have nested Tasks, so you can enable it by clicking the special icon on the right.

NOTE: It works only if the self-referenced entity is on top. Let's say if you want to see Projects and then all Tasks inside with all Sub-Tasks, it is not possible to create such a view.

To change some entity, just click on it and it will open in a popup or in the right side of the screen:

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