As a startup ourselves, we understand that $100-$200 per month is no joke in the early stages. So here’s the deal:

If your startup's annual revenue is less than Fibery's,
enjoy 12 months of Fibery for free.

To apply please fill in the form . You'll find our current annual revenue there.


How do you make sure that our revenue is indeed below the threshold?
We trust you by default.

We are not a startup — can we apply?

Sure! As long as your revenue is less than ours, you're welcome in the program.

Join volunteer groups, aspiring music bands, and role-playing hobbyists already using Fibery.

What plan do we get?

A maximum plan with no restrictions on the number of users.

What happens after the free period is over?

You'll have to upgrade to a paid plan. If you choose not to upgrade, your workspace will switch into read-only mode.

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