What is hidden inside here?

  • When do you need to Share Workspace?

  • What does “Sharing” mean?

  • How to Share Workspace

  • What you can’t Share now

  • How to stop Sharing

  • How to update Template

  • How to create a human-friendly Shared Workspace?

  • Currently Shared Templates

When do you need to Share Workspace?

Lets just come up with some cases, when Space Sharing is cool:

  • 😈 selfish: when you want to move all the connected structures from one of your workspaces to another (this is also a workaround for renaming workspaces!);

  • 🤹‍♂️ experimental: when you want to play with the current setup, but don't want to ruin real work

  • 👯‍♀️ friendly: give your friends ready-to-go connected templates, don’t make them struggle with Fibery alone

  • 🧐 consultancy: create ready-to-go workspaces for your customers and partners and show them some real magic

  • 🤝 community: share your Ideas with Fibery Community and get some ideas for your business. Friendship is magic!

  • ❌ backup: please don’t. If there are 200+ entities in the workspace and you share all the entities, there is a chance that creating a new workspace from this template will never happen or take hours to complete.

What does “Sharing” mean?

Well, in Fibery you can share your connected Spaces. Space is a process, as you remember - and usually, processes don't live in a vacuum. So, you can move all the connected Spaces from one workspace to another.

Sharing allows other people to get all the connected Spaces from your workspace (Databases/Views/Data) and install them using the automatically generated link.

How to Share Workspace

Navigate to the Workspace Map screen and click on the button "Share as a Template".

Then you choose which Spaces are you going to share and decide, whether you want to include data (entities)

Note: Documents, that you’ve created in your Spaces - are Views, not Entities!

Click the Generate shareable link button and copy this URL to the address bar

What you can’t share right now?

❌ Files

❌ Images

How to stop Sharing Workspace

  1. You can Deactivate your Link here:

2. You can just delete your workspace.

Once you delete your workspace, the sharing link would stop working as well.

How to update the Shared Workspace

If you improve your Workspace structure, add new cool Views, or somehow change it and want everyone to notice that - just Update your Template.

How to create a human-friendly Shared Space?

  1. Explanation 👩‍🏫

A Read.me document inside a Space with an explanation of how to use it and how it can work - would definitely help others get your point. Or even a special Meta Space - that would really help with the Onboarding

2. Data 🚩

No need to show others sensitive and private information, but empty Views can look depressing…
Add some dummy data, if possible, and make everyone a bit happier


Of course, Views are just the way to visualize Data and there can be no Views in the Shared Space at all. But we are creating a human-friendly Template, remember? So let’s add some helpful ones and name them so that it is clear why they are needed at all.

Ready-to-go Workspaces

  • Gamedev companies (coming soon)

If you have any ideas, of:

  • how to improve current templates

  • which templates to add

Please, share your feedback in the comments, and feel free to show your workspaces in our Community!

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