Braintree integration exports plans, subscriptions, and transactions. We use this to link payments to Fibery accounts, thus we can quickly calculate MRR, see canceled subscriptions and missing transactions right in Fibery.

Here is the setup flow. Create a new App, name it Braintree and click Integrate Type, then select Braintree. Fill Braintree account credentials and select what you want to export. As a result, you will have a Braintree App like this:

How to connect Subscriptions and Transactions to Accounts?

Every Subscription in Braintree has an ID (usually you encode it somehow when using Braintree). We have a format like workspacename_fibery_io_lb00q0p. So we need to extract the workspace name. We should create a formula for Subscription Type.

Click New Field and create a Formula field named Workspace Name:

Trim(ReplaceRegex([Subscription Id],"([^_]*).+"," \1 "))

Then in our Workspace in Fibery we have a Workspace Name as well.

Now we need to set up an Automatic Relation between Subscription and Workspace.

That is it. Now you can open any Workspace and see all Subscriptions:

Similarly, you can connect all Transactions to a Workspace.

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