Noted: in terms of Integromat rebranding (> some issues could appear. Fibery would run a necessary migration soon. If this is a showstopper for you now - please, ping us via Intercom.

Integromat is a powerful no-code automation and integration platform, "the glue of the internet" is how they describe it.

Integromat scenario with Fibery, Slack, Flow Control, and Data Store modules.

Connect Fibery to the rest of your tools and let the machine take over repetitive tasks:

  • Get notified in Microsoft Teams when someone assigns you to a task in Fibery.

  • Sync new leads from HubSpot CRM to Fibery.

  • Create a new branch in Bitbucket when a user story progresses into a specific state in Fibery.

Alternatively, try Zapier — it's more expensive but easier to learn.

If your goal is to sync data into Fibery, see if we have a native Integration and possibly save a few hours of your precious life.

Fibery Modules

Fibery Integromat modules.


  • ⚡️ An entity is created, updated, or deleted.
    (instant, unlike in our Zapier connection)


  • Find entities.
    (search by text, date, and checkbox Fields)


  • Create an entity.

  • Update an entity.

Step-by-step Tutorial

Due date reminder

Every morning send each teammate a list of tasks that are due today via Slack:

Level 1 — Notify me

Integromat modules: find tasks in Fibery and send a Slack message

Let's pretend you are a manager and all communications must go through you 😈

  1. Prepare sample data in Fibery: create a couple of tasks, set the due dates to today, and assign different people.

  2. Add a new Integromat scenario and schedule it to run once a day.

  3. Start with Fibery's Find entities module: look for the tasks that are due today. formatDate([now]; "YYYY-MM-DD")

  4. Add Slack's Create a message module: pick your IM and compose the message.
    "[Name]" is due today

Slack messages, plain text.
Integromat modules: add string composer

Navigating to Fibery tasks from Slack would be nice:

  1. Add Compose a string module and build a Slack-formatted link for each task.

  2. Use this text instead of the task name in the Slack module.
    [Text] is due today

Slack messages, links properly formatted.

Level 3 — Fibery users 🤝 Slack users

Integromat modules: look for a Fibery user

In order to send a reminder to each teammate, we link Fibery users to Slack users:

  1. Add Slack ID text Field to Fibery's User and paste the IDs of a couple of test users.

  2. Add another Fibery's FInd entities module to look for a User, hardcode your User's public ID for now.

  3. Replace your IM with Slack ID that comes from Fibery in the Slack module.

Level 4 — Notify assignees

Integromat modules: add Iterator to split a bundle into multiple ones.

Stop pretending you're an evil manager — let's send reminders to the actual assignees:

  1. Add the Iterator module to split each task with multiple assignees into several bundles (see the diagram below).

  2. Use real Users' IDs when looking for a User in Fibery.

Iterator module splits a bundle into multiple ones using an array.

Feel free to stop at this point.

Level 5 — One person, one message (optional)

Integromat modules: add Array aggregator to combine multiple bundles into a single one.

Wouldn't it be nice to get the list of tasks in a single message?

  1. Add the Array aggregator module to combine several tasks for each person into a single bundle, group by assignee's ID.

  2. Use the ID from the Array aggregator when looking for a User in Fibery.

  3. Convert the array of tasks back into text to send the Slack message.
    join(map([array]; "value"); [newline])

Array aggregator module combines several bundles into a single one.

You should definitely stop here:

Slack message, one per person.

Level 6 — Error handling (really optional)

Integromat modules: add Break modules to handle errors.

Wouldn't it be great to retry on failures?

  1. Enable storing of Incomplete Executions in the scenario settings.

  2. Add the Break module to all Fibery and Slack modules.

  3. Check Automatically complete execution in all Break modules.

  4. Add Sleep modules to later Fibery and Slack modules to halt the execution of parallel bundles if an error occurs.

Level 7 — Prevent duplicate notifications (really optional)

Integromat modules: add Data store to check if a reminder has already been sent.

How do we prevent duplicate reminders on retries? Each time we send a reminder, we'll remember the person and the date:

  1. Set Today variable to format([now], "YYYY-MM-DD").

  2. Create a Data Store with Fibery User ID (text) and Date (date) attributes.

  3. Add a record to the Data Store after sending a message to Slack.
    [Key]-[Today] — record key for easy search.

  4. Check if a record exists before looking for a User in Fibery.
    [Key]-[Today] — told ya.

  5. Set up a filter: proceed to search only if the record doesn't exist.


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