Integrations in Fibery are quite unusual. We replicate a part of an external app domain and feed data into Fibery and create several Databases.

Integration Databases

For example, for Intercom integration, we import Companies, Contacts, and Conversations connected together. These are Integration Databases. Integration Databases have some specifics like almost all fields are read-only since the content of the fields is retrieved from an external system (Airtable in the example below):

However, you can work with Integration Databases as with other Databases. For example, you can create Views to see a list of Features:

If you open a Feature, you will see all data from Airtable that can't edited manually:

You can enhance Integration Databases with more fields and connect them to other Databases. For example, you might want to connect Company from Intercom to Account in your Fibery CRM:

Usually, you want to have these connections between Databases automatically. You can do that using Connection Rules. For example, you can try to match Company and Account by Name.

Check articles about specific integrations:

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