To integrate Fibery with Intercom you can create a new App or add Intercom integration into any existing App (for example, you may already have a Customer Success App).

In Fibery you can aggregate all Conversations, Companies, and Contacts from Intercom. Then you can review Conversations and make them actionable: create tasks, link text to ideas, etc.

Here is the setup flow. Go to some App (Customer Success in this case) and add click Integrate Type, then select Intercom. Here we want to import Conversations from Intercom:

And here is the fun part where we link request to existing ideas. Just open any Conversation, select the text, and link it to an existing Idea, Feature, Insight, or any other entity:

How often the data is synced?

You can change data sync intervals in integration settings. Click on a Type that was created from Intercom and change sync interval:

Fibery also syncs data near real-time when a reply added, status changed or something is tagged.

Can I stop integration, but keep data in Fibery?

Indeed you may just want to import the data from Intercom one time. In this case, you can disable integration. Navigate to integration Type and click ... near Intercom.

After that, all Conversations will remain in Fibery and this Type will be transformed into the usual Type (like all fields will be editable, etc).

I added a new field to my Intercom - how can I update data in Fibery?

You have to push the full sync in the Intercom Integration. Then this data will be updated for all the previous conversations.

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