Smart Folders is a way to improve Left menu structure in Fibery. You can show filtered and sorted list of entities in Left menu and create Views inside entities.

How to add a Smart Folder?

Click + in left menu and find Smart Folder option:

Here is the quick example where we want to see only active Features and a list of Bugs for every feature:

How to Filter and Sort entities in left menu?

Every Database that is visible in left menu can be filtered and sorted. It is very similar to other views, you just click required action and add filters and sorting rules.

You can create deeper hierarchies as well and see entities from other Spaces. Here we show list of Products and Product Areas inside SoftDev Space:

Another example where we want to see a hierarchy of active Goals and active Ideas. We can enable both Databases and filter entities:

How to create Context Views that filter data automatically?

Let's add a view that shows a list of User Stories for a Feature. Click + button near entity and select Table View:

Then select User Story as a Database and set view visibility.

Now you have a Table that shows User Story for the current feature. No need to re-create this View for every Feature, it is there automatically:

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