We all have those boring meetings - brainstorms, retrospectives, customer calls, and so on. And we all have to make notes. Just because to prove ourselves, that those meetings weren't just a waste of time. Especially that is important during Pandemic when everyone obeys to work remotely.

Some spoiler of how it will(can) look like:

Setting Up an Space Structure

Let's create a New Space for our Meetings!

Note: better to store notes with work, so it is better for Notes to live in the Project Management Space, if you discuss Projects. Or in the Customer Success, if it is a Conversation Note. But you can always Move Database from one Space to another, so let's start from a separate Space.

Let's add the necessary Fields for our Meetings.

In Fibery all the Fields are Customizable - you can add the one you need here.

  • Date - to know the meeting Data and Time

  • Assignees - to know, who will attend the meeting

  • Single Select - optional, to manage which type of the Meeting it is - Brainstorm, Daily, Weekly and etc.

  • Comments - maybe Paul wants to add smth after the meeting

  • Rich Text - we will call it Agenda and will store info, good to know before our Meeting (🤞 someone except the Owner reads that)

Tadaah! Done here 🎉

Adding some dummy data

Once you create a Database, the Table View is created automatically. Let's use it 🦄

I think we are done here 💪

View Configuration

Well, I think that the main View that we need are:

  • Tables to see the list of Meetings

  • Calendar to see upcoming Meetings

  • And some strange Tables with Strange Filters to bring more Chaos.

Tables to see the list of Meetings

In fact, we can use our automatically created Table, why not? Just add Sorting, to see all the newest meeting in the beginning.

Looks good enough already, but let's imagine, that someday we will have hundreds of records. Then, it can become a mess.
We have a Single Select field with Meeting Databases, right? Let's create a couple of Views for each of it.

Now, let's add some Filters!

Create such Views for all the Meeting Databases you need.

Calendar to see upcoming Meetings

Well, we already know how to add new Views, right? This time let's add a Calendar!

Note: you can turn on Filter to see only Upcoming meetings 🧐

And some strange Tables with Strange Filters to bring more Chaos.

Go ahead! Release the inner office beast!

Tips and Cons

Super Power!

As for the meetings, we suggest using the main Fibery Power - Relations.

What kinds of Meetings do you have? Let's imagine there are two of them - internal, team meetings and conversation with customers.

These two kinds of meetings are pretty different - we will have different actions after, fields can be different as well, call target differs as well. Agree?

Then, let's create two different Databases:

  • Meeting - for team discussions

  • Conversation - for a meeting, when we have our customer as a participant

In fact, we can just add a new Conversation Database to our Meetings Space, we've created earlier.

I've installed from our Template Gallery two Spaces - Project Management and CRM Space. We will need it to build relations.


Let's go the Spaces Page. This page was created to show you the relations between Processes - our Spaces.

And now it is time for some magic.

We have a Conversation. Conversation is our meeting with a customer. And what we can discuss with our customers? Anything in fact, but let's imagine we will discuss a Project, we are working on for him.

So, we need to track which Customer this Conversation belongs to, and which Project we are discussing. And not manually copy-paste everything as usual.

What time is it? It is Relations Time!

Relation can be added just as a usual Field.

Let's connect Converstaion with Project.

Done here!

Now remains to connect Conversation with Customer.


Here is how it looks now on the Spaces page.

And now let's check why do we call that Magic.

Here is how your Conversation looks like now.

And this is what you will see once you jump to the Contact.

Never loose Context. See, what have you discussed with Mr. Kirk, and what was the conclusion.

And this is how Project looks like.

Cool, right?

Now it's time for you to decide which Relations to build, which Fields to add, and how not to go crazy. Nothing is hardcoded in Fibery and everything is customizable 💪

P.S. if you are crazy enough, you can check Fibery Bi-directional links, that are super helpful to connect Notes with Actions

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