Your work has stalled. Some cards stay in "Open" for too long, you start blaming developers, designers, yourself, and your favorite cactus Felix - everyone. Because you need a project to be Done.

Setting up an Space Structure

So, let's start... from the beginning. I've installed a Project Management from our Template gallery. So, create a many-to-many relation, between Task and… Task. Because (you know) sometimes our Task can be a blocker for many other tasks and can be blocked by multiple Tasks as Well.

One relation with two fields is created automatically. You need only to rename it. So, in our case, it will be a "Blocker for" and "Blocked by"

Well, the structure is ready, awesome!✨

View Configuration

So, the main target for the Views are:

  • track Blockers and Blocked cards - bird View 🦅

  • determine deadlines and prevent a disaster - to save the day ❤

Tracking Blockers and Blocked Tasks

The easiest way to track Tasks is the Board. Here is the Configuration

You can also add some Color Coding, to make Blockers more Visible.

Cool, done here!

Determine deadlines and prevent a disaster

This can be done with a small, but powerful combo - Formula + Color Coding + Sorting

  • Formula

We will use the Formula field, to determine Tasks, that have an Upcoming deadline and is a Blocker/Blocked one. Let's use an "If" formula.
Have difficulties with Formula Language? Thanks God, I'm not alone. Here you can check some basics and here some references.

Note: change this formula up to your needs - change "and" to "or", delete unnecessary conditions, or make it even more complicated!

  • Color Coding

Let's paint Dangerous one black.

  • Sorting

And Sort it! To see the Dangerous one in the beginning.

Is it the best way? Definitely not!

But I hope, you've understood the logic and can configure and customize it!

Note: you can try to visualize it via Timeline view. Good idea! But dependency visualization (like on the classical Gantt Chart) is still missed in Fibery. If this is a must for you - please, let us know in the Intercom chat or in the Community, each request is noted 💖

Thanks for the reading, guys! If you have better ideas of how to manage it - feel free to share it here or in our Community! Don't hesitate to throw us questions in the Intercom chat, if smth is not clear.

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