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🍣 Airtable is a powerful database with views and great API. There are thousands of applications and it is a powerful platform to build custom solutions.

The power of Airtable: Tables / Forms / some advanced blocks (page designer) / API

Cases where Airtable shines:

  • Database as a backend for wide variety of small business cases (Invoicing, Inventory tracking, layoffs tracker, etc.)

  • Individual and small team work management.


🍀 Fibery is connected databases and views first, documents second. Fibery works best for teams and small/medium companies.

The power of Fibery: Documents / Databases and relations / Views (Whiteboard, Timeline, Chart)

Cases where Fibery shines:

  • Connected work management processes (product management, software development, CRM, etc.)

  • Teams of all sizes

  • Whole companies up to 200 people

Read the full article here: https://medium.com/fibery/fibery-vs-airtable-8e6bd0e6ca79

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