Here is the detailed article that shows how Fibery and Notion are different

Short summary:


🕶 Notion is pages and documents first, databases and views second. Notion works best for individuals and small teams (as a knowledge base notion works for the whole company just perfectly).

The power of Notion: Fantastic UX, Wiki, Documents / Pages / Sharing

Cases where Notion shines:

  • Individual notes tacker or life organizer

  • Company wiki, knowledge base, public pages

  • Work management for very small teams


🍀 Fibery is connected databases and views first, documents second. Fibery works best for teams and small/medium companies.

The power of Fibery: Databases and relations / Views (Whiteboard, Timeline, Chart) / API

Cases where Fibery shines:

  • Work management processes (product management, software development, CRM, etc.)

  • Teams of all sizes

  • Whole companies up to 200 people

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