Wiki concept is not new. We hear many questions like “How I should setup Wiki in Fibery?”. Fibery consists of connected Spaces and you may expect that Wiki is just a separate Space. You can do it like this, but there is a better way to organize information in Fibery.

Wiki as a Space

Trivial way to have a Wiki is just creating a Wiki Space that will have folders and documents inside. This was our first iteration around Wiki in our own company:

Here we have many folders for various logical sections: Marketing, Design, etc. You can nest folders and link documents together. Nothing unusual.

However, this approach has one serious downside:

Wiki tends to become a mess with time.

In almost any company wiki has thousands of irrelevant pages and lots of abandoned folders. The problem here is noise. When you have to find an important piece of information, it’s just buried behind hundreds of other documents. Search not always helps. Tags and folders not always help. You have to suffer and keep trying.

Our next wiki iteration is about tight connections between real work and documents.

Wiki per Space: Work + Documents = ❤️

Now we store documents inside Spaces. For example, we have Spaces for Hiring and for Customer Feedback. Here are the docs inside them:

Why this approach is better?

  1. Context FTW. Documents and work live together. For example, you can see candidates flow in Hiring Space and have Hiring Guide right here. Easy to find.

  2. Clear responsibility. Fibery Space maintainer is responsible for Wiki part as well. For example, Head of Customer Success owns Feedback Space in Fibery. It is her responsibility to maintain Wiki structure inside, remove irrelevant documents and keep the order in place.

  3. Automatic permissions. If you don’t have access to Hiring Space, you don’t see documents relevant to Hiring. As a result, you have less noise.

Documents tips and tricks

Documents + Work in a single place make you more productive. Here are some ideas that you can use in Fibery.

Quickly create work from documents

For example, you have a long product specification and want to quickly create Initiatives or Features from lists. Here is how you do it:

Insert work references into document

Another case is when you already have work items and want to mention them in a document:

Quickly access work items

The best thing is that you can access this work items right here, without context loss.

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