If you haven't checked out our basic guide on Relations yet, please take a look before reading on.

When mapping your process into Fibery, sometimes you find yourself looking at a hierarchy like this:

Here are some common use cases:

  • Goal → Initiatives → Tasks
  • Team → Features → User Stories
  • Account → Contacts → Activities
  • Editor → Sections → Articles
  • Region → Countries → Customers

When we notice such a hierarchy, we automatically filter selectors to save you from searching for the right Entity in a long list.

Let's take the last example. Here we have a few Countries groupped by their Region:

Once you've connected a Customer to a Region, the list of available Countries is automatically filtered:

Here are some gotchas:

  • 😿 Doesn't work with many-to-many relations (please ping us in chat, if that's what you need)
  • 💪 Works with unlimited levels of hierarchy. Try Planet → Regions → Countries → Cities → Customers ;)
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