Our Slack Bot has no AI yet. However, it’s still capable of something:

  • Create Entities from messages.

  • Create Entities using bot command.

  • Display a list of assigned entities.

  • Handle vacations and sick days.

This video shows installation flow and basic cases:

Slack connection has to be done by Fibery&Slack admin - to connect Fibery & Slack Spaces.

After every teammate can turn on Slack Notification in the Notification center.

Note.1 - if you have many Fibery workspaces, you'll be able to connect only one of them at the same time.

Note.2 - you can't send messages to specific channels. If this would help you to improve the internal flow - please, let us now in the Intercom chat.

Create Entities from messages

Every message can be converted to some entity. For example, Task, Feature, Bug, Document, and anything else. Just click on message actions, select Create Entity action and here we go:

Note: If a message contains an image, it will be attached to an entity. Thus you can create bugs from screenshots in Slack quickly. Very handy!

Create Entities using Bot command

Type /fibery create bug “this is a bug” and a new bug will be created. You can create other entities as well, like:

/fibery create task "record the video about Slack Bot" @slack-user
/fibery create feature "Notifications"
/fibery create candidate "Teddy Bear"

Note that you can assign people from Slack using @ symbol.

See a list of assigned Entities

You can type command to see assigned Bugs, Stories, Tasks, Features, etc:

/fibery my tasks
/fibery my features
/fibery my bugs

You will see a list like this:

You can open any Bug by clicking the link:

Vacations handling

If you use the Vacations Space, you can quickly add Vacations via Fibery Slack Bot. Here are some examples

/fibery day off today
/fibery day off tomorrow
/fibery half day off Jun 13
/fibery vacation Jun 10-20
/fibery sick today

Slack Bot tries to guess correct dates and shows a confirmation for you:

Power bonus 💪

You can improve native Slack integration using Integromat. For example. when each teammate opens Slack in the morning, they get a list of Fibery tasks that are due today.

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