Our Slack Bot has no AI yet. However, it’s still capable of something:

  • Create Entities from messages.
  • Create Entities using bot command.
  • Display a list of assigned entities.
  • Handle vacations and sick days.

This video shows installation flow and basic cases:

Create Entities from messages

Every message can be converted to some entity. For example, Task, Feature, Bug, Document and anything else. Just click on a message actions, select Create Entity action and here we go:

Note: If a message contains an image, it will be attached to an entity. Thus you can create bug from screenshots in Slack quickly. Very handy!

Create Entities using Bot command

Type /fibery create bug “this is a bug” and new bug will be created. You can create other entities as well, like:

/fibery create task "record the video about Slack Bot" @slack-user
/fibery create feature "Notifications"
/fibery create candidate "Teddy Bear"

Note that you can assign people from Slack using @ symbol.

See a list of assigned Entities

You can type command to see assigned Bugs, Stories, Tasks, Features, etc:

/fibery my tasks
/fibery my features
/fibery my bugs

You will see a list like this:

You can open any Bug by clicking the link:

Vacations handling

If you use Vacations App, you can quickly add Vacations via Fibery Slack Bot. Here are some examples

/fibery day off today
/fibery day off tomorrow
/fibery half day off Jun 13
/fibery vacation Jun 10-20
/fibery sick today

Slack Bot tries to guess correct dates and shows a confirmation for you:


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