Invite user

Click Invite People link on the left to add more users. There are two global access levels:

  • Admin have full access to everything
  • Member can’t install Apps, add Types and do other system-level things.

User permissions & roles

So far permissions are per-App only. By default App is visible to all users. However, you can hide some Apps from some people or give them various level of access:

  • Creator. User can add Views, Types and Fields. In general, Creator is an App admin.
  • Editor. User can add new entities, change entities and delete them.
  • Contributor. Modify assigned entities and create entities inside an App.
  • Spectator. User can only see things, but not change anything.
  • No Access. User will not see an App, its Types and its Entities.

To set App permissions, click … near App name in left menu and click Access. Here you can set required permission level for every user:


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