Invite user

Add teammates to your Workspace by clicking Invite People button in the People Space:

Pick a kind of seat:
(you can change the kind of seat later from the User profile)

  • Admins have full access to the Workspace.

  • Members can't invite users and install Spaces.

There is no difference in cost (so far).

Once you click on the invite button, we'll send an email to each person.

At the moment, you can't create a User without sending an invite.
If that's what you need, please ping us via Intercom.

Deactivate or delete user

A person doesn't need access to your Fibery Workspace anymore (ex. left the company)? Deactivate their User in the People App settings:

The person won't be able to sign in and you won't be charged for the seat from this point. All the User's assignments and data will be preserved. Feel free to activate the User again using the same button.

Deleting a User erases all the related data: assignments, group memberships, recent items, and more. We strongly recommend deactivating Users instead. However, if you created a User by accident or don't care about the data for some reason, feel free to delete the User on the same People management screen.

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