Timeline View visualizes anything with a start and end dates and is useful for allocating people and high level planning.

Features Roadmap is a common example:

Timeline capabilities:

  • See Entities of multiple Databases on the same Timeline (vacations together with feature allocations)

  • Drag and drop cards to change two dates, or drag the edge of cards to change start or end date.

  • Add new cards using drag and drop on empty space.

  • Filter cards and lanes.

  • Sort cards.

  • Change timeline granularity using zoom (mouse scroll or pinch). Also switch between Dates, Weeks and Months using drop down in the top right corner.

Add new cards

On a Timeline View you can drag and drop cards to change planned dates and create new cards (just start drag movement in empty area):

Timeline backlog

Click on a small inbox icon near Timeline title to see all unplanned cards. You may click on a card to plan it for today. Then you can change planned dates right on a timeline view:


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