On a Board each Entity is represented as a card — just like sticky notes on a wall. The cards are then grouped by rows and/or columns: 

Cool stuff:

  • See Entities from multiple Databases on the same Board (User Stories together with Bugs).

  • Group cards by swimlanes (Features by Teams).

  • Add new rows and columns right from Board.

  • Prioritize cards within a column using drag’n’drop (Task priority in Planned column).

Configure Board

Board configuration is straightforward:

  1. Select Databases you’d like to see as cards.

  2. Group by columns and/or rows (swimlanes)

  3. Pick Fields visible on cards (only Fields shared between all selected card Databases are available)

Here is a basic Board that shows Tasks by States:

Sort Cards

To sort Cards, click Sort button on top and sort by one or multiple Fields:

Once you enable sorting, manual drag’n’drop prioritization will stop working.

To change the sorting order just drag’n’drop items:

Filter Cards

To filter cards, click Filter button on the top right and one or several Fields:

Multiple filters are applied using either AND (“Match all filters”) or OR (“Match any filter”) operator. In the example above we select all Tasks with today’s Due Date AND assigned to Marvin.   

Filter Columns and Rows

Filter columns and rows on Board to make it more compact. Open Board configuration and click Filter icon near rows (or columns):

In the example above we group Tasks by their Step Project, but instead of showing all Projects we pick only active ones.

Color Cards

You may highlight cards using some criteria. Find Colors button in the right top corner. For example, in this case urgent bugs will be marked with a red color:

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