Context Views

Context Views are Views inside Entity. This is very powerful concept, since you can quickly filter information by any entity. For example, you may see Products in left menu and create Roadmap View that will filter features by Product automatically.

Context Views can be created inside Smart Folders. Read the guide to get the concept.

How to create Context Views that filter data automatically?

Let's add a view that shows a list of User Stories for a Feature. Click + button near entity and select Table View:

Then select User Story as a Database and set view visibility.

Now you have a Table that shows User Story for the current feature. No need to re-create this View for every Feature, it is there automatically:

What's the difference between usual View and Context View?

The whole pattern is this:

  • Space level contains Views that relate to the whole Space

  • Context View contains Views relevant for this exact Entity

This approach mixes flexibility with a good structure. In some Space you may be happy with just Space level, while in another Space you may use both. For example, it may be very useful to see Documents and Views related to exact Project or exact Team.

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