Type represents data you want to have in Fibery: Task, Feature, Project, Vacation, Meeting, Asset, etc. Imaging that Type is a template with some data stored in Fields.

Fibery can’t work with just tables, like Excel. To add something into Fibery you have to have Type for that. For example, if you want to add some products with details like Name, Effort, Risk, etc, it is required to create Product Type in some App and add the relevant Fields.

Add new Type 

To add a new Type into existing App, navigate to Customize Apps area and click New Type.

NOTE: Use singular term when naming Types. 



Newly created Type has a few Fields by default:

  • Name

  • Public ID

  • Description

  • Creation Date

  • Modification Date

  • Created By (User)

Feel free to add additional Fields to make the Type more useful. 

Here is an example of Contact Type creation:

Delete Type

To delete a Type, click on it in Customize App section, click … and find Delete option:

NOTE: When you delete a Type, all data will be deleted as well. For example, if you delete Task Type, all Tasks will be deleted. So make sure you don’t have anything important in there.

Rename Type

To rename a Type, click on it in Customize App section and just rename its title inline.

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