In a modern world you have plenty of choices and limited time. Why choose Fibery? There are three main reasons that may resonate with you:

1. Can’t find a tool that fits your unique work process

You’ve tried many tools, but still feel that you struggle with them most of the time. They can’t be customized to satisfy your needs, so you check new tools from time to time in endless search of something better. 

Fibery might be the tool you are looking for. Most likely Fibery can reflect your terminology, workflows, specific domain and processes. It can be used in schools, VC funds, consulting companies, software development startups, media agencies, etc.

Unlike other flexible tools (Notion, Coda or Airtable), Fibery focuses on work management.  

2. Want to replace several tools with a single one

You feel that you have too many tools to manage your work. You have to learn and maintain each of them. You regularly switch context to accomplish a single task. Collaboration with colleagues is a mess, because you all use different apps.

Fibery provides a platform that covers most popular work processes: HR, Product Management, Software Development, Content Management — you name it. Use Fibery to track vacations and bugs, plan roadmaps, share knowledge, set strategic goals and follow their execution.

Create new Spaces to replace in-house tools you have and unite many work management processes in a single tool. It saves time, saves money and makes data discovery easier.

3. Tired of changing a tool when work process changes

You’ve noticed that you have to change a tool with every major process change. For example, you decided to try Kanban and purchased Leankit. Now Kanban is your destiny, tool forces you to continue doing Kanban, even if you decide to try Scrum. Then you have Scrum and migrated to JIRA. The cost of switch is high: you have to migrate data and train people. Then you want to adopt SAFe (god knows why) and purchased AgileCraft. What if you need your own SAFe-like process, but much lighter? You will still have to live with the whole SAFe burden in your tool of choice. 

Process-opinionated tools make organizations heavy and slow. 

Fibery is designed as a process-agnostic platform. Try new processes and evolve — Fibery will adapt.  

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