Space usually represents a process. For example: Software Development, Candidates tracking, Vacations tracking, CRM, etc.

What Space contains?

Every Space is unique, but here are the main traits:

Space installation as a Domain extension

You can install Space very quickly. Click Templates button in the bottom left, find required Space and install it:

Spaces Customization

Space customization has several options:

NOTE: Only Admin or Creator can customize the Space.

To add new Views into the Space, find the Space in left menu and click [+] icon:

Create new Spaces from scratch

You can create new Spaces from scratch. Imagine, we run a small business and want to manage Leads (potential customers). Basically, we need a basic CRM system. Fibery can do that. Just click New Space button in the bottom left and setup everything you need:

Connect Spaces

You may connect Databases in different Spaces. Sometimes it is really useful. Imagine you want to link Meetings and Projects. It means you have to add a Relation between Meeting and Project. 

Navigate to Spaces and click Relations. Then add new Relation from Project to Meeting:

After that, every Project entity will have a collection of Meetings:

Delete Spaces

You may want to delete a Space. Note that it will delete all the data. For example, if you delete Project Management Space, all Projects will be deleted. This operation is irreversible.

To delete a Space, navigate to Spaces setting, click …  and select Delete Space option.

Share/Import Spaces

You can share and import existing Spaces from one account to another. For example, you’ve created a new fancy Marketing Tracking Space and your friend wants to have the same Space. Now you can share Marketing Tracking Space and send a link to your friend to install it.

To share a Space, click Space settings and find Share as Template action under ... Click it, then click Generate shareable link button and copy this URL:

You may send the link to any Fibery user that has an account and she will be able to import this shared Space. Here is the flow:

Next: Check Databases section, this is the core of Fibery.

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