App usually represents a process. For example: Software Development, Candidates tracking, Vacations tracking, CRM, etc.

How installed App affects Fibery?

Every App is unique, but here are the main traits:

App installation as a Domain extension

You can install Apps very quickly. Click Templates button in the bottom left, find required app and install it:

Apps Customization

App customization has several options:

  • Add new Fields into existing Types in the App

  • Add new Types 

  • Add new Views 

  • Restrict users access to the App

To add new Views into the App, find the App in left menu and click [+] icon:

Create new Apps from scratch

You can create new Apps from scratch. 

Imagine, we run a small business and want to manage Leads (potential customers). Basically, we need a basic CRM system. Fibery can do that:

Connect Apps

You may connect Types in different Apps. Sometimes it is really useful. 

Imagine you want to assign Initiatives to Teams. It means you have to connect Teams to Initiatives. 

Navigate to Apps and click on Team Type. Then add new Relation from Team to Initiative:

After that, every Team entity will have a collection of Initiatives:

Uninstall Apps

You may want to uninstall an App. Note that it will delete all the data. For example, if you uninstall Strategy App, all Goals will be deleted. This operation is irreversible.

To Uninstall an App, navigate to Apps setting, click …  and select Delete App option.

Next: Check Types section, this is the core of Fibery.

Share/Import Apps

You can share and import existing apps from one account to another. For example, you’ve created a new fancy Marketing Tracking app and your friend wants to have the same app. Now you can share Marketing Tracking app and send a link to your friend to install it.

To share an app, click App settings and find this action:

Click it, then click Generate shareable link button and copy this URL:

You may send the link to any Fibery user that has an account and she will be able to import this shared app. Here is the flow:

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